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A different perspective

Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz plans to be in the stands Sunday at Super Bowl 50, viewing things from a different perspective. With son James contributing on special teams and as a back-up center for the Broncos, Ferentz has a rooting interest in what takes place on the field in Santa Clara when Denver faces Carolina late Sunday afternoon. As has been the case when he's had a chance to watch his sons play before, he'll watch it as a parent and have same type of perspective that many Hawkeyes players have when they watch their sons play at Iowa. "When you're coaching, you're working obviously,'' Ferentz said. "When you're playing, you're competing, but when you're a parent, it kind of takes the fun out of everything because it's either black or white. That's good or bad. That's just kind of how it goes.'' This will be the second Super Bowl that Ferentz has attended in recent years, getting a chance to be there when his son Brian was coaching tight ends on the Patriots staff when New England played in the 2012 Super Bowl. Ferentz, the parent, is happy for his son and what he has accomplished. Three years removed from his final college season at Iowa, James Ferentz took a year off and worked at Randy's Carpets in Coralville before making the Texans practice squad a year ago. He was cut by Houston before the start of the 2015 season, but signed one week before Denver opened the current season and has been on the team's active roster all year. The Iowa coach fought back a tear or five when taking about his son this week. "It's a good story. He's sticking with it, chasing the dream a little bit,'' Ferentz said. "I was teasing him, I said he's gone from a day-to-day contract to now having a week-to-week contract. So, he's improved his lot in life. But that is the reality in the NFL. "... The reality is it's a temporary profession, but why not chase it? Why not go after it? Really happy for him, and the Super Bowl is just the cherry on top.'' As proud as he is of what James Ferentz has accomplished, Ferentz, the coach, thinks Sunday's game leaves a bit to be desired. "What I don't like about the Super Bowl is just all the hoopla and the fact that halftime is instead of 12 minutes it's 30 minutes. I really think that's disrespectful to the players and the coaches, which are key parts of any football game,'' Ferentz said. Still, he welcomes the chance to be there Sunday. "It's really exciting, and you know, we'll be cheering for Peyton Manning and the Broncos,'' Ferentz said. He'll also be cheering for dry weather, recalling sitting through rain at one of the two Super Bowls that have been played in rainy weather. "My wife takes great delight in that, A, I didn't get dropped off by the team bus right at the entrance to the stadium and B, that when it started raining nobody gave me a raincoat,'' Ferentz said. "So, I got soaked and I froze. My wife thoroughly enjoyed that. She was home.''

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