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Showtime nears

When college football's future signs on the bottom line on Wednesday, the first time current high school recruits can sign binding letters of intent, it will be greeted with the usual fanfare across the country. There will be signing ceremonies, photos and cakes at high schools from coast to coast. College coaches will announce the newest collection of players, celebrating the additional of recruits who are perfect fits for their programs. Some will follow a traditional routine. As letters of intent arrive at a school's football office, they will announced on social media. It's a big day for both the athletes involved and for coaches whose future relies on making good decisions as they build rosters and fill needs of the programs. There tends to be a little more glitz these days as recruits are announced. After all, it wasn't all that long ago that Hayden Fry announced his recruits in three waves - instate, out of state and junior college - in order to receive three days worth of news coverage of who the Hawkeyes are signing. Now, TV cameras are rolling as letters of intent are received. There will be live coverage as the next generation of SEC players hits the send button to cement their future plans. And in Ann Arbor, it will be showtime. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, who hasn't hesitated to draw attention to his program whenever possible, will introduce the Wolverines' new recruits at an event that is being billed as "Signing of the Stars'' and will attract a number of celebrities to an auditorium on the Michigan campus. It's just the latest attention-grabbing attempt by Harbaugh who attracted attention recently by participating in a well-publicized sleepover at a recruit's house after raising the ire of SEC coaches after the Michigan staff hosted a series of clinics in the heart of some of the nation's most fertile recruiting territories last summer. This time, Harbaugh and Michigan has teamed up with The Players' Tribune for a two-hour event to announce the Wolverines' newest recruits. Former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady, who isn't working this week after the Patriots were eliminated from the NFL playoffs, and Derek Jeter are the latest members of a star-studded cast scheduled to appear. Grammy-nominated Josh Gracin, pro wrestler Ric Flair, NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski, rapper Migos, former Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland, Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland, former NFL coach Mike Shanahan, former college coach Lou Holtz and former Wolverines Desmond Howard, Jon Jansen and Denard Robinson, are all scheduled to appear and help introduce Michigan's newest football talent. Plans also include participation at the invitation-only event by new players who enrolled early and are already on campus. The event will be live streamed, and it only seems likely that future prospects are well aware of the latest collection of bells and whistles Harbaugh is utilizing to draw attention to his program. Michigan's current recruiting class, by the way, ranks fifth nationally right now and is regarded as the second best in the Big Ten behind Ohio State.

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