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A refreshing choice

It would have been easy for Desmond King to take the money and run. But, the Iowa cornerback who won the Jim Thorpe Award as the top defensive back in college football this season opted to return for his senior season in a Hawkeye uniform. It's a refreshing choice. And, it probably was the right thing to do. King confirmed on Instagram on Tuesday what his mother let the world know on Monday night -- that he planned to return to Iowa next fall, planning not only to earn a degree but to continue to work to grow his game. "Feels good to finish my education and be with my brothers for my senior year,'' King wrote. "There will be those that say my decision is wrong but it's what's best for me. Let's make it a good one fellas.'' It's a decision that shows some maturity on the part of a player who celebrated his 21st birthday less than a month ago. King and his mother, Yvette Powell, have placed a value on education and he has said all along that would factor into his decision. What we also don't know is what King learned from the NFL draft advisory committee, which provided him with some insight about where he might end up in this year's draft. King wisely talked things over with family members and coaches before reaching his decision. He showed tremendous growth in his game this past season, but both King and coaches see work that remains to be done. Prior to the Rose Bowl, coach Kirk Ferentz said he believes King has the ability to grow his game to an entirely different level with continued progress. Remember, he was thrown into action for Iowa as an 18-year-old true freshman. In terms of age, another year of seasoning at the college level should benefit him. In a secondary which returns Greg Mabin at the other corner and Miles Taylor at strong safety among eight returning starters on defense, King becomes part of a group which has a chance to become of the strongest defenses in Hawkeye history. He has a chance to lead that effort and with continued growth become one of the most decorated defenders to ever play for the Iowa. King seems to want to make that happen.

2 Responses to “A refreshing choice”

  1. Mike Lopos Says:

    King rolling the dice by coming back for his senior year, especially if he is offered 8 million dollars to sign with the NFL. What if King is injured in his Senior year with a career ending injury? Is The University of Iowa going to pick up the tab for his financial loss? I don’t think so! There is nothing more King can accomplish as a DB at Iowa. The school thing argument is bogus too, because King can always finish his undergraduate and graduate degree in the Summers and through distance learning and with online courses. Take the money and run all the way to the bank, because you can’t always make $8 million, but you can always go back to school.

    Looking forward to Steve’s final College Football poll before the Clemson v. Alabama game. I predict Iowa will end up with a top 10 ranking when the final AP poll announced and Iowa Football will rise again in 2016.

    “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” – Vince Lombardi

    Mike Lopos #58
    Starting DT / Iowa 1974

  2. Mike Lopos Says:

    I predict Iowa will end up with a top 10 ranking when the final AP poll is announced after the Alabama v. Clemson game. Be assured, Iowa Football will rise up again and maybe Iowa can get some payback if matched up with Stanford in a bowl game.

    I lost all respect for Shaw and Stanford when they threw that TD pass with 1:25 left in the 4th quarter. Stanford should have lined up with a two TE formation while attempting to run the ball between the tackles, man to man. I’m convinced Shaw wanted to humiliate Iowa with that TD pass.

    Steve, how do you see the final AP and Coaches poll after the Alabama v. Clemson game?

    Mike Lopos #58
    Starting DT / Iowa 1974