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For what it’s worth

The win column isn't the only place the Iowa football program is on the rise. The Hawkeyes are also climbing in their value as a program among their Football Bowl Subdivision peers. Iowa ranks 11th in the nation among the 119 FBS programs listed by Ryan Brewer of Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus in his annual ranking of the worth of collegiate programs, up four spots from a year ago and moving ahead of Big Ten rivals Nebraska and Penn State in rankings released Monday to the Wall Street Journal. Brewer, an assistant professor of finance at the school calculates the intrinsic value of FBS teams by examining revenues, expenses, making cash flow adjustments and risk assessments and growth projections for each school. Based on those areas, he calculates a dollar value to determine the comparative worth of each program if it were to be put up for sale in a mythical marketplace.. Texas continues to top his list with a worth of $875 million. Only one other school, Notre Dame at $811.5 million, tops the $700 million mark although two Big Ten powers fill the third and fourth spots in this year's rankings. Michigan rates third at $685.5 milion while Ohio State is fourth at $674.8 million. Florida is fifth at $660.8 million. Iowa sits in 11th at $479.1 million, up from a worth of $315.6 million in his previous rating. LSU, Iowa's opponent at the Outback Bowl last week, is 10th at $529.8 million, whlie the Hawkeyes have moved past Big Ten peers Nebraska, in 12th at $432.5 million, Wisconsin, in 13th at $406.4 million, and Penn State, in 14th at $377.6 million. No other Big Ten programs ranked in Brewer's top 25. His rankings value Rose Bowl champion Michigan State at 29th at $212.9 million, Minnesota at 36th at $179.7 million, Northwestern at 40th at $154.5 million and Iowa State at 41st at $152.1 million. Indiana at $125.8 million and Purdue at $114.6 million also make his top 50.

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