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Rudock’s review

Jake Rudock found more than lessons to be learned from his starting debut at quarterback for Iowa. Seeing his first action in a game since the fall of 2010, the sophomore also found out how much he missed being hit. "As strange as it sounds, it was nice to get hit again,'' Rudock said. "Just to be out there, playing in a game, it gets you going. When I got hit the first time, it was time to play and let loose.'' Rudock earned praise for the poise he showed as he took his first college snaps. His 256 passing yards equaled the effort of Jake Christensen for the fourth most by an Iowa quarterback in his starting debut. "Jake really handled things well. His demeanor on the sideline was good. He was calm, confident,'' Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said. "The feedback we got from him was really accurate. You think they know what's going on, you hope they do, and some guys give good feedback, some don't, at all positions, but it was really good.'' With the exception of the outcome and a throw behind a receiver which led to a late-game interception that he would like to have back, Rudock was generally pleased with his performance in his first start in an Iowa uniform. "I'd say we looked very fluid for a first time out,'' Rudock said. "We did some good things out there, but obviously there are some things to correct.'' Like his teammates, he spent considerable time today talking about the team's need to learn how to finish off opponents. "We can't take anything for granted,'' Rudock said. "We have to understand that extends off the field to what happens on the sideline and in games. You need to play with the mentality that no one can play with you, that opponents can't hang with you. We need to get to that point.''

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