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A different beast

Greg Davis will find himself dealing with a bit of a different beast when he begins the next chapter in his coaching career.
Officially named Monday as Iowa’s new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Davis arrives in the construction zone around the Iowa football complex with a glossy resume and the reputation for building effective offenses around available talent.
He’ll need to put those skills to use more effectively at Iowa then in his previous stop.
As coach Kirk Ferentz has said on repeated opportunities, Iowa is a developmental operation, a place where players are built and starting positions are earned through hard work, growth and sweat.
Iowa does not stock its roster with the collection of four- and five-star recruits that typically fill the available scholarships at Davis’ last employer.
Texas has long been a destination spot for top talent and rarely do coaches there have to go beyond the borders of their talent-rich state to land those blue-chip prospects.
There’s no question that those players put in the work that goes on at colleges throughout the country, but the drop off from starter to back-up at a place like Texas is not as large in Austin as it is in Iowa City.
That’s simple fact.
Davis’ new job will test his coaching ability and his skills in developing talent in the same manner that Ken O’Keefe did during his 13 years on the Hawkeye staff.
Ferentz is making his new coordinators available to the media in upcoming days and we’ll share their thoughts with you as they meet the press.
New defensive coordinator Phil Parker is scheduled to talk to the press on Friday and Davis will hold a press conference on Monday.
One week from today, new assistant coaches Brian Ferentz and LeVar Woods are scheduled to answer questions.
The group now on the job is working in a bit of a construction zone.
Steel is being erected this week at Iowa’s new indoor practice facility, where the structure that is scheduled to be available for use in the fall is taking shape.

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