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Mirror image

If former Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis is going to become the new offensive coordinator of the Iowa football program, he is in some respects a mirror image of the man he will replace.
Like Ken O’Keefe at Iowa, Davis was on the job at Texas for 13 seasons where he built his reputation around forming offenses which played to the strength of the personnel he had to work with – a hallmark of Iowa offenses under O’Keefe.
When Ricky Williams was in the backfield, the Longhorns ran the football. When Colt McCoy was behind center, Texas threw the ball around a bit.
Davis is a coach whose offenses were known for using the bubble screen and hitch passes to move the ball as a complement to the run, something Iowa fans should be fairly familiar with. The Longhorns were also known to score points by the bushel during his tenure, ranking no worse than 14th in the country in scoring offense from 2003-09.
Davis-coached Texas offenses produced 10 of the top 11 passing offenses in the program’s history and the top nine scoring offenses in Texas history.
Those are among the reasons that Davis may be the coach that Kirk Ferentz has selected as his new offensive coordinator.
The 60-year-old Davis has interviewed for the position, and according to the Austin American-Statesman, has accepted an offer to replace O’Keefe on the Hawkeye staff although Iowa officials say no official hire has been made.
What is clear is that Ferentz talked to experienced offensive minds as he searched to replace the only offensive coordinator that Iowa has had during his first 13 seasons as the Hawkeyes’ head coach.
Tom Moore, a former Hawkeye and long-time friend of the program who is best known for his work with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1980s and more recently as the offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts, was in Iowa City earlier this month and apparently discussed the offensive staff possibilities with Ferentz although it is not known if the 73-year old was actively pursuing a position on the staff.
In either case, it does appear that Ferentz is pursuing coaches with lengthy resumes of developing consistent, productive offenses.
He doesn’t appear to be looking to make any major changes to the way the Hawkeye offense has been structured, preferring to build on production Iowa has had in the past.
Like O’Keefe, Davis has dealt with an uneasy fan base in the past. He took plenty of heat as the Longhorns played their way to a 5-7 record in 2010 and he was one of three coaches who did not return to Texas in 2011 after Mack Brown – who he first coached for in the 1980s – opted to shuffle several staff positions.
Davis sat out the 2011 season before pursuing new opportunities this offseason, a pursuit that could end with an opportunity in the Big Ten.

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