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Hitting the trail

Iowa’s football staff hit the road today.
This is the first day of a contact period with high school and junior college recruits and coach Kirk Ferentz said last week that the plan was for Hawkeye coaches to hit the road today.
“We’re all going out Sunday. That’s college football. You keep forging ahead,” Ferentz said.
Iowa currently has 12 known verbal commitments for a recruiting class that is expected to number around 20.
Ferentz has said that response to Iowa coaches in recruiting has been good thus far.
He said Hawkeye coaches are interested to see if they run into recruiters from Nebraska more frequently now that the Cornhuskers are in the Big Ten.
“It will be curious to see if they do shift more in this direction,” Ferentz said. “I’m sure they will. They’ve had such a history in Texas and California, to name two places. I imagine they’ll probably keep that alive as well.
“You never know what recruits are thinking, though. Where you end up playing your games, that factors in a little bit and they don’t play games in Texas anymore.”

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