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He told you so

Since hitting the I-Club circuit last spring, Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz has been willing to tell anybody who was willing to listen that there would likely be a few bumps along the way for the Hawkeyes in 2011, especially early in the season.
Iowa hit one of those bumps Saturday in its 44-41 triple overtime loss at Iowa State.
In between bites of rubber chicken and cold baked potatoes, Ferentz told fans that this season reminded him a lot of 2008.
He said fans could expect to see some moving parts throughout September, much as was the case that year as coaches worked and watched to see what players would rise to the top of the depth chart.
A relatively-easy rain-soaked victory over Tennessee Tech in the season opener provided a few hints of where this Iowa football team is.
The Hawkeyes sacked Tech quarterback Tre Lamb once, the same number of sacks they recorded in Saturday’s game at Iowa State.
The Hawkeyes have been somewhat vulnerable to the run on defense and as was the case a year ago when Northwestern’s Dan Persa left the Hawkeye defense gasping for air, Steele Jantz proved that Iowa still lacks the depth of quickness it needs to successfully defend quarterbacks who run rapid-fire attacks that spread defenses not only vertically, but laterally.
Ferentz suggested following Saturday’s game that Iowa must continue to grow its depth on the offense as well, saying that simply relying on Marcus Coker and Marvin McNutt wasn’t going to get the job done.
Coker was the only running back who touched the ball on Saturday, but the passing game did show some growth. Keenan Davis enjoyed his best game as a Hawkeye, catching five passes for 95 yards and Kevonte Martin-Manley caught the first four passes of his collegiate career.
As much as anything, the setback to the Cyclones left Iowa with an eye-opening example that plenty of work needs to be done and that as Ferentz suspected might happen, the moveable parts are still moving as the middle of September nears.
“I feel bad today, but we’ll got back to work tomorrow,” Ferentz said after the game. “It’s about as simple as that. Right now, we’ve got a lot of work to do. That became pretty evident.”

2 Responses to “He told you so”

  1. William Says:

    I can’t believe there are no comments to your article. We have to hear the same old it “will be better next year slogan”. You never hear that from Ohio State. We can never get star recruits and yet they can at Nebraska and OK. The same old prevent defense which wears out the front four in the 4th quarter, shades of last season. Talk about being out coached. Where is the next Buddy Ryan in the making? Find him and hire him so I can see a few surprises like maybe a Blitz, maybe rushing 5 guys once in awhile…etc. The offense could not score from the 20 yard line (Hate the term Red Zone) with under thrown, overthrown and dropped passes. Yes it was the first game and there will be mistakes, but a junior college transfer’s second game and he was almost perfect. I am not a coach but is there a way to make the offense less predictable also? Electing to run out the clock in regulation was not in the best tradition of football! Electing not to go for a 4th and one was playing too safe. The defense could not stop him all game, what made us think it could in the 3rd overtime after being so tired. Ok I know nothing is going to change, same coaching staff and game plan until at least 2020. Could we at least show some emotion from them and maybe inspire the players to play like the Cyclone players do every year.

  2. Tod Says:

    I agree completly play not to lose and you will every time. It was Ohio State all over again.