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Like riding a bike

Iowa basketball coach Todd Lickliter returned to the bench Saturday, and aside from getting knocked to the floor by one of his own players who was involved in a scramble for a loose ball, it was pretty much business as usual for the Hawkeye coach.

Back in action two weeks to the day after undergoing surgery to repair a torn carotid artery, Lickliter watched a little more of the game from the bench than normal but otherwise managed the team throughout Iowa’s 71-67 win over Drake.

He conceded that things were a little different in the hours leading up to the tipoff.

“Maybe I was a little more anxious,” Lickliter said. “It’s still pretty early. I’m two weeks into it. The doctors tell me everything is good. I believe them. It was experience.”

Lickliter said he “missed being here, being with the guys” as much as anything during his time away from his team.

“I’m thankful that a lot of prayers were answered and that there is a way to correct the problem and now I get to do something I love to do,” Lickliter said.

“I think every experience a person has in life is life changing. If you don’t change something, then you haven’t learned much. I try to do what I think is right most of the time in my life. I’m not saying I’ve had a revolutionary change. I just believe that every experience impacts a person in some way.”

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