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Slipping that 90-percent free throw shooter on the bench into the game when player is injured while being fouled may no longer be an option for college basketball coaches. One of the proposed rule changes for the 2009-10 season -- subject to the approval of the NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel -- would significantly change what happens when that situation plays out in college basketball games. According to a proposal passed by the NCAA rules committee, if a player is unable to shoot free throws as a result of an injury while being fouled, the opposing coach will now be able to select a player to shoot the foul shots from among the four remaining players on the court. The committee said the change would eliminate an unfair advantage created when an injured player is replaced by an excellent free throw shooter who is on the bench at the time the infraction and injury occur. The committee also approved a change that will allow officials to make use of television monitors to determine if a flagrant foul has occured. Currently, officials must disqualify a player from the game following a flagrant foul. Now, with the use of monitors, they will still be able to issue the flagrant foul, but will also have the option of issuing either an intentional foul or a technical foul for contact in that situation. Previously, the rule gave officials only an all-or-nothing option.

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