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Not ready for Prime Time

Iowa basketball coach Todd Lickliter said Monday that all off-season aspects of his program including the structure of the summer Prime Time League will be evaluated following the conclusion of the current season. "We'll look at everything,'' Lickliter said. "I've never been a patient guy. We always evaluate what we are doing and what we may need to do better to get to where we need to be. It's like attendance. If there is a problem, let's fix it.'' For example, Lickliter expects to discuss changes in strength training with a newly-hired strength assistant who has been assigned to the men's basketball program. He believes progress is being made toward building a needed practice facility and he would like to find a way increase the value of the Prime Time League. "I wish we could find a way for our guys to really compete, three, four nights a week,'' Lickliter said. "At Butler, we had that type of a situation and losing teams, they went to the west gym away from the spotlight so guys really didn't want to lose. I don't see that type of environment here. I would like to see us come up with more of a competitive setting. It's something we'll talk about.'' That will come with time. "Right now, my thoughts are on our upcoming games,'' he said. The Prime Time League has been around for more than 20 years, providing Iowa players with a structured environment to compete in twice weekly during the summer. The league currently consists of players from Iowa and Northern Iowa as well as former collegians who live in the area, current college players from area small colleges and junior colleges and a handful of high school players.

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