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Crowded quarters

Wednesday's game at Michigan State provided Iowa basketball coach Todd Lickliter with another opportunity to mention the value of seating students courtside, something he would like to see happen at Carver-Hawkeye Arena as part of the renovation work that is expected to begin next summer. "I've been impressed with venues where students are close,'' he said. "I'm impressed with our students, but some of them are far away and that makes it difficult to feel the energy that they bring.'' At Michigan, Michigan State and Illinois, students ring the lower portions of the arena, supporting the home team and making it a challenge for the visitors to think, much less compete. Lickliter singled out the raucous groups at Illinois and Michigan State as examples of student groups that do it the right way, raising the volume at their arenas and making it a difficult place for opposing teams to play. A re-seating is part of the plans at Carver, and it is likely that students will move to lower seats in at least a portion of the arena. That's something Lickliter likes to hear. "At some of the places we've been, the students bring so much energy to the court At some, they are physically involved, jumping up and down and you can't deny the support they bring.''

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