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Fashion statement

Todd Lickliter isn't sure when it will happen, but new uniforms are on the way for the Iowa basketball team. The Hawkeye coach said during a news conference earlier this week that he believed that Nike is working on a new look for the Hawkeyes. He said he isn't sure when it will be unveiled and offered few clues as to what the new uniforms might look like other than to say that he did not have any input in their design. "I hope not, anyway,'' Lickliter said. "LaVall (Jordan, an Iowa assistant) has always been in charge of equipment and jerseys. I know he's had contact with Nike and I think something is in the works, but I don't when they'll be ready.'' Lickliter did know one thing about the new uniforms. "I know they've got names on the back,'' he said, referring to a frequent complaint of Hawkeye fans throughout Steve Alford's tenure as Iowa's coach and a change he quickly made once arriving in Iowa City from Butler.

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