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Initial impressions

In many ways, while watching games in the Prime Time League it is easy to see what Todd Lickliter and his staff are looking for as they recruit. Players willing to make the extra pass to secure a better offensive opportunity and players willing to play a little defense are more plentiful than in past years. Scores, in general, have been a bit lower, and play has been a little more below the rim than in previous summers when the league on occasion has had its share of high-wire acts on the court. Four of the seven newcomers who will suit up for Iowa next season found themselves on the court against each other last Wednesday, providing a good look at several key components of future Hawkeye teams. Aaron Fuller and Anthony Tucker arrived at Iowa after earning plenty of accolades at the high school level and neither disappointed. Both played well within a team framework and have a good understanding of the need to gain strength that will be needed to compete in the Big Ten. Devan Bawinkel and Andrew Brommer played for the other team. Brommer has gained needed "good'' weight from when I watched him play in a high school game in early February. He remains active both inside and out and continues to show good ability on the boards. Bawinkel hit a couple of money 3-pointers in last Wednesday's game, something Iowa will need from the juco transfer who started his career at West Virginia.  Bawinkel, along with juco transfer Jermain Davis, will bring a little more experience to the floor than the Hawkeyes' four incoming freshmen. That could be important, especially during the early weeks of the season when the schedule will challenge Iowa with a road test at Boston College and potential match-ups against Kentucky, Kansas State and West Virginia in a Thanksgiving-time tournament in Las Vegas.  

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